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Project Management

We understand each single project as a new challenge. Thus for its success­ful implementation and accomplish­ment we utilize fundamental project management methods and technologies. Equally important for us are circumstances like the work experience and soft skills of all the project participants, especially of the project leader.

Our employees have long standing and manifold project management experiences from very diverse industry branches, as well as from working as consulters and project leaders in very different types of institutions. We are exchanging our project experiences and ideas on a regular basis in internal workshops. This open interchange, as well as building a common knowledge base incl. technical and soft skilled experiences has become an important part of our company culture.

We focus on a very tight work relationship to our customers, therefore we are often used to work on our customers’ subsidiaries. Our employees are reckoned to be highly reliable and flexible, particularly when it comes to tapping new tasks and challenges and bringing new know-how and thrilling motivation in your company.

We offer

  • leading the whole project in-house
  • leading or contributing to parts of the project
  • coordinating additional tasks related to the project